Genotype: An atmospheric VR Sci-fi mystery

Journey deep into a secret Antarctic research base overrun by strange alien organisms and wield a pair of high-tech gloves to print living organisms and defend yourself.

Trapped deep under the ice, you will need to explore the large facility and solve the mystery of what happened to the people who worked there. The place crawls with hostile and strange creatures. The only human survivor seems to be slowly losing his mind and speaks about a giant organism he calls "The Leviathan."

To survive this ordeal, you must learn to control the controversial "GRAID gloves" that allow you to print living organisms and use them as survival tools.

Your journey through the facility presents opportunities to expand the number of tools and organisms available to print. Some creatures allow you to see the world through their eyes, others to reach otherwise inaccessible places.

The facility is a labyrinth of outdated systems, and you will face challenges like nuclear power control, extreme temperatures, water cooling systems, security turrets, and much more.

Luckily, the mysterious survivor seems to have lived in the facility most of his life and knows every nook and corner. He can guide you despite his fluctuating mind. Naturally, this person is to be trusted... right?

Built for the Meta Quest 2, Genotype is planned for a Q4 2023 release on the Oculus Quest Store. Visit for more information.


  • Use the GRAID glove to make your own creatures and use them as tools or weapons
  • Upgrade these creatures to be able to perceive the world from their perspective
  • Make clever use of the station's environmental systems and get rewarded
  • Allow yourself to be immersed in something peculiar and strange
  • Enjoy an alien soundscape and music worthy of the journey ahead




About Bolverk Games

Bolverk Games is a VR studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Previous releases include Voice Attorney, Glyph, Dick Wilde, Dick Wilde 2 and Kittypocalypse.

Genotype - Presskit Credits

Jesper Brun Halfter
Game Designer
Lasse Tassing
Lead Programmer
Mark Olsen
Frederik Bager
Art Director, Lead Artist
Anders Bruhn Pedersen
Lead 3D artist, Animator
Kristian Grimm
3D artist
Frederik Keglberg
Composer, Sound Designer
Morten Brunbjerg
Lead Writer, Freelancer
Jaime Monedero March
Producer, Game Designer
Bo Bennekov
Bolverk Games CEO
Owen Melisek
Concept artist, intern
Josefine Kronhoj
Concept and 3D artist, intern
Asim Cizmic
3D artist, intern
Troels Schepeler
3D artist, intern
Victor Young
VFX artist, intern